Let fall the colored book upon the floor

La lingua italiana in 12 lezioni facilissime

New York, United States
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a perfect blue sky, accumulating woodwinds, admiring broadway, advocating respighi, affecting objectivity, always alliterating, aspiring to whistle, averting clichés, awakening before sunrise, being beneath spotlights, being encircled by nature, being implicitly gay, being slightly pretty, bitchy witticisms, board games by candlelight, books upon glorious books, breathtaking soundscapes, bright orange nalgene bottles, bug rescuing, championing human rights, changings of season, checking art out, chopin's waltzes and nocturnes, composing or trying to, compulsive scansion, conjugations of thou, conversations featuring european accents, cultish double reeds, dancing when nobody's about, dawdling inappropriately, difference-making via amnesty international, discovering brilliant novels, dissing/writing bad poetry, doodling happy faces, doubling final consonants, drawing attention quietly, drawing easily-drawn objects, dreaming and then remembering, ebullient optimism, ecstatic waltzing, entirely unique interests, every first snowfall, experiencing serendipity, exploring lonely places, fantasies as alternative realities, far-out environmentalism, feigning oboe-playing ability, festive breathing, fits of liberated creativity, freedom in more-or-less everything, freely associative daydreaming, frolicking through landscapes, fusing loneliness and art, gentle observation, genuinely moving classical music, getting obsessive over grammar, gleeful sesquipedalianism, gratuitous idiosyncracies, having excessively long hair, hearing romance languages, hoarding fonts, hoping for pacifism, hugging people (if infrequently), humming to cover awkwardness, iambs and trochees, identifying joy, ill-advised orchestrations, imagination in routine tasks, inventing bizarre words, irrepressible idealism, joyously flying, keys selected at random, knowing i am real, learning to henna, leaves in flight, light shining on water, linguistic pretension, lipograms and palindromes, live tree christmas lights, long-awaited vibraphones, luxuriating in color, maintaining belief in magic, making sad people happier, making the everyday beautiful, mammals generally, marimba rather than piano, mooing to funny looks, music for music's sake, musical theatre people, my appalling handwriting, negating hate releasing peace, never smoking (ick), noisy waterfalls, nonconformism for pleasure, obsolete text adventure games, people's lulling voices, performing for pleasure, pianos in darkened rooms, pizzazz and its spelling, pleasurable loquaciousness, pretending that things exist, procrastinating vigorously, protracted bouts of laughing, rainbow stained glass windows, random acts of bassooning, ravel's soaring flutes, reading in the trees, refusing to take life, regarding wildlife in action, reliving myst, reminiscence-inducing wind chimes, repeatedly losing at chess, rhyming with inordinate frequency, rhythm in unexpected places, shakespeare's paroxysms of lyricism, shameless aestheticism, singing irrepressibly, sitting under the moonlight, skiing and being exhilarated, sonorous impressionism, spazzing loudly and often, spontaneous ballroom dancing, stargazing in the cold, stressing over musicals, sudden artistic inspiration, sunlight at various temperatures, surreal pangrams, synesthetic imaginings, taking photos of rainbows, the creation of beauty, the key signature colors, the masks of drama, the overture to candide, the puzzles of riven, the serenity of vegetarianism, theatre as another world, touching the piano, tree-hugging (literally), unaffectedly flowing writing, undiluted happiness, unforeseen improvisation, using singular they, visiting orchestras, we wish for peace, wearing colors en masse, weirdly twisting syntax, whimsy in unrealistic quantities, winding garden paths, ¡exclamation points!,